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Colorful autumn

After a bit more than 2,5 years the autumn of this year finally managed to get me out there. Breathtakingly colorful!

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Ice sculptures in the City Park 

A bunch of ice sculptures have been made in one of the parks in the city, so I took some pictures of some of them.

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Winter at Eklundshof 

I FINALY made it out with the camera.

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The Yelow Trail 

I just went out with my camera, 2,5 hours later I had walked the entire trail.

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Eurasian Tree Sparrow 

I was out soaking some sun when I discovered that a birds nest nearby had a family. So I rigged my tripod and a remote and waited them out.

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All the photos taken before this.

I had my first camera for about one and a half year before I got this homepage. That generated a lot of photos that never got to get here, until now. This is an rather large album with some of those pictures taken between May 2007 and October 2008.

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Photographing birds is hard, but I gave it a shoot, here's the result.

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Stroll to take in the spring

I went out to hope to capture some of the wildlife in the neighborhood, people sensitive to creepy crawly creatures be warned.

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Snow outside Uppsala

So, the day I have been waiting for so long finally arrived, and I got access to a car at that so I wasn't limited to walking distance.

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Winter walk next to Uppsala

Finally I came out on a walk with my camera to document the winter. To bad it was cloudy.

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